Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BACK AGAIN!!!!! Return to France!

Following three surgeries, the sale of our USA farmette, and an international move, the girls and I have finally returned to France!!!  I feel, for the first time ever, both physically and emotionally depleted from various goings-on in the last 6 months and am not in my normal “full throttle, I can tackle anything, nothing phases me” mode.  I am hoping this journey to France will help me recharge, gain momentum, find direction, and feel less like a lost soul.  No better place to relax and rejuvenate than soaking in the beauty and peace of the unspoiled French countryside and no better way to strengthen oneself than with my two girlies, Jess and Blue, infusing energy, life and smiles into me!!!!! 

Blue and Jess excited to be on first walk around the farm

Before we had to make our unscheduled departure from the Dordogne (due to an unexpected medical diagnosis for me), we had settled into a residence a half an hour directly north of Bergerac.  This time around, we are staying in a place a half hour east of Bergerac.  It will give us a chance to explore another area while being near enough our old “neighborhood” to revisit our favorite haunts.  Our previous villa was on a huge historical estate and was a large residence with extra bedrooms booked with the intention that friends and family could come visit us and experience some of France with us.  Alas, that wasn’t to be…….(perhaps another time!)

Our French stay this time we already know to be only several weeks long as we will be returning to Donegal, Ireland for the summer so it will just be the girls and I initially and the last 10 days my husband Donald has been talked into coming over to join us and see what all the fuss is about how magnifique France is!  We are staying in a 17th century farmhouse "Cantegrive" on 50 pastoral acres.  As we were traveling from Donegal, I was delighted to find that Ryanair had flights from Derry to London Stansted and a connecting one from Stansted to Bergerac.  The warm air and gentle breeze enveloped us as we walked down the steps from the plane.  I had left my car parked at Bergerac Airport all that time and was seriously considering have a car rental booked as a backup plan in case the Peugeot wouldn’t start and the girls and I were stranded at the airport.  My hubby assured me that it would definitely start so I hoped for the best…..and the car started on the first turn. (Gotta love Peugeots: reliable, nippy, economical!!!!)  Bergerac has very reasonable long term car parking rates but as it happened, I couldn’t find my ticket so paid the lost ticket fee of €100, reattached my faithful Garmin navigator to the window and we were on our way to rekindling our French adventure!!!!! 


 We are so glad to be back and more than ready for more Fairytales From France!!!!!!

Walking in sunshine!!!!

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