Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chasing Rainbows!

As 2018 nears to an end, I desperately needed a place to clear my mind, recharge my weary bones and boost my low spirit by celebrating the end of a pretty crappy year, so I got the rusty brain wheels spinning and came up with a plan to return to the Land of a Thousand Chateaux in the Dordogne region of France.  I can't believe it has been over three and a half years since the girls and I were last here!!!!  How did I let my dream of France slip out of my grasp????  Jess, now a seasoned teenager at 16, and Blue, 12, will join the teen club next year! Time to reintroduce them to this fairytale land.......

This trip puts a new spin on things as, instead of renting a country villa, we are housesitting in the historical village of Issigeac.  Our home for two glorious weeks is an amazing three story stone house actually smack-in-the-middle of this renowned town with the best market in the whole region, not only because of the huge amount of stalls and best variety of fresh-off-the-farm produce, but also because of the quaint and charming Issigeac with its cobblestone streets and medieval style houses dating back to Roman times.

We arrived here after a long trip travelling from Philadelphia to Dublin to London to Bergerac.  Bergerac is a small airport, off the beaten track, and definitely a harder place to get to as it is a forgotten destination, especially in winter.  But, even having to stand outside in the drizzly rain waiting in line for passport control could not dampen our excitement at being back in France, looking forward to the amazing food, the friendly people, and the unspoiled countryside and villages.  Yes, we are ready to step back in time and immerse ourselves in the joie de vivre we find here in this special place!

Imagine having a bathroom wall like this!!!

Our landlord exhausted from listening to the three of us!!!

This evening’s sunset welcoming sunset.....

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