Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Montflanquin and The Crab Claw Tree!

Less than a half hour drive from Issigeac is the bastide town of Montflanquin.  We were thrilled at the picturesque drive heading up on a straight road towards the town as it sits on top of a hill with the church at the highest point.  There was a huge empty parking lot near the church so the girls and I parked there and walked around the town.  Montflanquin was built in the 1200’s as a fortified town with a wall around it.  The surrounding wall no longer exists.  As a bastide town, it was designed with a central square with streets leading off in a grid pattern.  The girls and I walked around the deserted town square, admiring the beautiful houses and windows decorated for Christmas . A market is held in the square every Thursday.

On a side street leading into the square we passed a curious sea shack, La Cabane du P├ęcheur (The Fisherman's Cabin) with a tree next to it decorated in crab claws.  How random is this????  and no, this is not near the sea!!!!  We have no idea what the meaning of this is and unfortunately, the tourist office was closed as were all the shops so we will have to investigate further on a future trip!!!!!  Definitely need to know the story of this oddity!

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