Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Our First Morning: The Market

The girls and I were so exhausted after all our long trip from USA to France but after arriving, we made a quick trip to the Intermarché to pick up a few necessities (water, milk, teabags, bread, butter, etc.), knowing that the shops might be closed the next day Sunday, and possibly Monday too (which they were!).  We were starving coz we hadn't had time during our layovers to grab a bite at the airports like we thought we would, so we just had a quick dinner and headed to bed.  Our beds were super comfy and we all slept great.  Thought I'd be bothered by one of the cats in the house sleeping on his cushion at the bottom of the bed but I was too tired to care!!!  I had to wake the girls up in the morning so we wouldn't miss the Sunday market in Issigeac......luckily it was only two lanes away!  Gotta love being in the village and everything right on our doorstep!!!!!

I had been to the Issigeac market before in the summer where it was HUGE spreading through the square and side streets of the village.  Although it is considerably scaled back in winter, they still had a lot more than I expected.  The first stall we came to had chickens roasting on a rotisserie and the smell got our tummies rumbling!  There were a variety of dried sausages, home made jams, honey, huge variety of cheeses, fresh truffles, clothes stalls and other trinkets to name a few.  Quite the turnout for a disappointingly drizzly day!  I bought a fresh baquette (a daily requirement for the French!), and a few pastries for breakfast.  A farmer was selling a selection of paté off his own farm so I bought a duck one to try for the cheap price of €3.60.  I also got a piece of fresh goat's cheese and then went to look at wine from one of the many wine stalls.  A friendly Frenchman was handing out generous samples of each wine to try in real wine glasses, and a new glass for each sample.  I picked a bottle of wine that I liked (I'd be liking them all if he kept handing me glasses of wine!!!).  We had a quick look through the clothes stalls and Jess saw designer leggings that she liked and they were only €6 so we bought a pair along with some lacy hair scrunchies.  By then, Blue was feeling a bit sick, still exhausted from the long trip, so we stopped at another rotisserie stall and bought a coquette au jus which was smaller and cheaper than the chickens (poulet)).......thinking it might be a young chicken but in France, it could be anything!

         Seamus staking his claim.....                    Blue & Jess, two sleepyheads, 
                                                                                   going to the market


                                                   Amazing selection of fresh flowers for winter.....

Me, at the market stalls in the church square......

                          Thinking I did pretty good with my market purchases!!!!!!

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