Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Chateau de Duras on a Sunny Afternoon

The girls and I took another scenic drive to the village of Duras, just over half an hour away from our Issigeac on narrow country roads.  The majestic Chateau de Duras rests regally in front of the town of Duras, an impressive sight with beautiful countryside flowing down from the castle as far as the eye can see......  Jess, Blue and I felt like royalty ourselves today when we were the only ones touring this impressive relic of French back to the 12th century, it boasts owners such as the uncle of Pope Clement V, the Duke of Aquitaine, the King of England and the King of France......It took us a couple of hours to wander around the extensive interior that had several stories, including banquet halls, kitchens, sleeping chambers, a "Room of Secrets", and even a "Ghost's Room"!!!!!  What authentic castle wouldn't have at least one resident Spirit of the Past?!!!  And we got our exercise for the day climbing the very narrow circular stone staircase (that seemed to go on forever) till finally we reached the top of the tower and a stunning rooftop view of the whole area bathed in sunshine on this glorious day.


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