Friday, November 21, 2014

Car registration AND Phone!!!!

I got my carte grise (car registration) yesterday by registered post.  It shows the details of the car and that it is registered in my name.  In France, you must keep your carte grise in your car when you are traveling.  I then had to go to a place to get my new number plates.  They did the plates while I waited (took less than 5 minutes!) and they also put them on the car so I am all set now!!!

My daughter Nikki and her 16 month old baby Dylan came to visit from the UK yesterday and I picked them up at Bordeaux Airport.  I had gone into a phone shop here after I came but decided I would be better have my daughter pick a phone for me so she bought one in Guernsey and brought it with her.  Today we went to the phone shop in Bergerac and got a French sim card (pay as you go) and loaded on credit so I now have a phone......another thing off the list!!!!  I am relieved because Blue is starting school on Monday and I definitely need the reassurance of having a phone just in case the school needs to contact me!!!


  1. Looks like a Donegal plate only backwards.......

  2. Great luck on the DL plate. Best of luck to Blue on Monday, I'm sure she will love it.

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