Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jess Registers For School

Today Jess had an appointment with the guidance counselor at the college in Mussidan to assess her entry into the school.  She was given four pages of math problems to complete and we were asked about how many years of school she had completed.  She had done two years of preschool and then 6 years of elementary, and had started middle school this year (6th grade).  The French school years in college actually go down so 6th is a lower year than 5th.  They decided to put her in 5th year. There is an English girl already in that grade and coincidentally, it is a girl Jess has already met and made friends with.  She is the daughter of the English horse trainer on the property we are living on.

The forms have to be sent off to the Department of Education in Perigueux for approval before Jess is allowed to start school.  We already waited nearly two weeks for this appointment with the guidance counselor.  The school said it will probably be another week or two before she can start.  Hopefully, in the meantime, we can get her a few French lessons to give her a headstart for school.  The guidance counselor has a little English but not a whole lot.  Jess seems a bit nervous about starting school but tries to hide it.  I hope it all goes well, that she makes a few friends to help her through it all, and that she picks up the French quickly!!!

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