Sunday, November 9, 2014

Journey to France

Today we started our journey to France, me and my two daughters:  Blue, 8 and Jess, 12.  They are adventurers like me and moving to France for six months is a leap of faith for us all......a step into the unknown, but to a place filled with beautiful countryside, ancient chateaux and quaint villages.  France has always called to me with its beauty, architecture, sophistication and long history. I look forward to the peace and tranquility of the Dordogne, of mingling with the locals and immersing ourselves in a total French experience.   Plunging into the deep end, my high school French from three decades ago will no doubt be shamefully inadequate, but at least a foundation to build upon.  My girls, with the bravado of youth, are bravely excited about going straight into a totally French school.

I started our journey packing till nearly 4am the night before.....hard to fit six months of gear into three bags that have to be 50lbs or less each!!!!  After a three hour drive to Newark Airport, we boarded a plane and headed off.  Tonight we will stay in Lyon and tomorrow, our real adventure starts with picking up our car and driving the five hours to our new home outside the small village of Issac in the southwestern region of France.  Vive la France!

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