Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Domaine de Mazieras

Today, we spent our first day in our French villa which is on the estate of Domaine de Mazieras, and dates back to the 1300's.  Through the high georgian windows, there are beautiful views from every window.  Our landlords arrived first thing this morning to take us down to the stables to meet the horses and to take a walk around outside and tour some of the numerous outbuildings.  The buildings sit on a hill looking down on beautiful scenery in every direction.  The weather was good and the girls spent the whole day outside playing with the dogs, down at the stables, and in the fields climbing bales of hay.  There are 7 horses, 2 dogs, and 250 acres to explore.

Today was a national holiday in France, Armistice Day celebrating the end of World War I so it was a closed day everywhere. This estate was occupied by Germans in World War II and they burned some of the barns which were stone so new roofs were put on afterwards.   The house was not destroyed.  There are bunkers in the fields where people hid from the Germans.  A country with a lot of history and you can see it and feel it everywhere......

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  1. Thats is amazing views to get to wake up to, you sure did find the perfect spot...