Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chateau Number Two

Before leaving the house today, we put into the GPS for the nearest petrol station and it took us to the little town of Neuvic where I filled up my economical little Peugeot with diesel for the first time since coming to the Dordogne.  We decided to follow a sign for Chateau Neuvic and we nearly missed the actual castle because it has a long drive and you can't see the name on the wall.

The Chateau Neuvic resides in grandeur along the banks of the Isle River.  It is an architectural feast with its turrets, stained glass windows, stonework, and different levels.  The Chateau is in beautiful condition and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, pathways and bridges crossing over streams.  In this part of France that I am in, you can easily be taken back in history because so much is the same as it was centuries ago and as you drive along the country roads, you don't see new houses on top of each other, you see large farms with old houses.  The past is present in the Dordogne......

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