Thursday, November 13, 2014

Medieval Bergerac

We had a quick visit to the large town of Bergerac perched along the calm Dordogne River which runs lazily through the area.  We parked by the water and walked along the rough cobblestone streets (should not have worn those black high heels!) to "Old Town" with its amazing medieval buildings, open air cafes and beautiful winding streets going up the hill.  What a quaint place with its flower-filled markets, its river views, and French people strolling with their pocket pooches!  Can't wait to go back and explore at a more leisurely pace another day. Bergerac also has the nearest airport, is 1/2 hour directly south of where we are, and has many flights coming in from different cities throughout Europe.


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  1. Wow, thats Awesome...and poor me here in below freezing temps!!