Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Moving to France - 12 Things I Did to Prepare - #2) Buy a Car and Get Car Insurance

Here are 12 things I did to prepare for moving to France.....and below is a detailed account of #2 -
buying a car and getting car insurance.

(1)   Find the perfect place
(2)   Buy a car and get car insurance
(3)   Research education and schools
(4)   Get Irish passports for the girls
(5)   Update the children’s physicals and vaccinations
  and get up to date on my own medical appointments
(6)    Have dental appointments before leaving
(7)    Flight shop to find the best fares
(8)    Get 6-month prescriptions
(9)    Order euros
(10) Notify schools and get copies of school records
(11) Set up direct debits for bills
(12) Pack 

While surfing the expat forums on the web, I came across people recommending Gary Automobiles for English speaking people moving to France.  Gary is English, married to a French woman, is located in Succieu near Lyon, France, and he has an inventory of vehicles for sale in various price ranges. You pick the car, pay a deposit (which is refundable if you don't like the car or transferable to another vehicle if you decide you like another one better), he stores the vehicle for as long as it takes for you to move to France with no time limitations, he organizes the insurance and car registration, and he picks you up at the airport.  (He is also very patient answering any questions or concerns you have about the car or the whole buying process).  

Here is Gary's website:

I found a 2008 Peugeot 207 SW diesel that I really liked and was well maintained with full service records.  I paid a deposit through Paypal and Gary held the car for me.  We flew into Lyon, spent the night at the excellent NH Airport Hotel which is conveniently located directly across from the terminal I flew into, and Gary picked the girls and I up at 9 o'clock sharp the next morning.  He was very nice and didn't bat an eyelid about our heavy bags!!!!  He stopped at a shop on the way back to his office to help me buy a gps, I signed a few papers, and we were on our way.  He had taken care of the insurance for me.   I had emailed him the information he needed and had wired him the money the week before so it was as easy as that.  I had read that it is very hard to find secondhand cars in France and also that there is a lot of red tape and paperwork involved in buying and registering a car so I am delighted that Gary made the process so easy and I love my nippy economical Peugeot!!!

More on the list of Things I Did to Prepare moving to France on next blog!!!!!!!

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  1. Thats a good looking wee car! Hard to beat the peugeot TD....