Monday, November 17, 2014

Issac - Our Village

The area we are in is filled with quaint little French villages on every country road......our nearest is Issac.....two minutes drive over the road.  Issac dates back to the 1300's and it is a very small village, but it does have a post office, an epicerie (small grocery store), a bakery, a butcher, and a cafe/pub.  It has a church which acts as the picturesque centerpiece of the village with the mairie (town hall) next door.  The mairie is an important part of any French village, town or city and it is necessary to go there to register, to find out about schools, and other information and regulations necessary for living in the area.  I actually went there this morning but after summoning the help of a passerby (actually the only person I saw there!), I was informed that the mairie  is not opened on Monday mornings.  Come back in the afternoon.  I went back at 2:30pm and there was someone inside but the door was locked.  After loitering outside the building for a while, a nice man who lives across the road came over.  He spoke only rapid French!  He asked what I needed with the mairie and I managed to explain to him that I wanted to find out about schools and that I had just moved to the area.  He said that I needed to come back tomorrow.  The mairie does not do that on a Monday so I will return again tomorrow and hopefully be successful then!!!!

And courtesy of Blue, my 8 year old who finds everything worthy of taking a picture of, here are a few photos of the roads here.  I am so impressed with what excellent condition the French keep their roads.....

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  1. Are you sure anyone else lives there? More people living on Herm.... lol