Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moving to France – 12 Things I Did To Prepare - #1) Find The Perfect Place

Moving to another country is a big step and there are numerous things that need to be done to prepare for the big move.  These are the top 12 things I did to prepare to move from Maryland, USA to Dordogne, France:

(1)   Find the perfect place
(2)   Buy a car and get car insurance
(3)   Research education and schools
(4)   Get Irish passports for the girls
(5)   Update the children’s physicals and vaccinations
  and get up to date on my own medical appointments
(6)    Have dental appointments before leaving
(7)    Flight shop to find the best fares
(8)    Get 6-month prescriptions
(9)    Order euros
(10) Notify schools and get copies of school records
(11) Set up direct debits for bills
(12) Pack 

(1)  Find the perfect place:
My perfect place kinda found me.  I am a great believer in destiny and I can't even remember how I came upon finding the place I am now living in in France!!!!  I have always had an interest in the Dordogne.....why?  I don't really know......perhaps the 1001 chateaux?  perhaps the beautiful countryside?  I don't really know.  I have never been here before.  I was in Paris once for 4 days 17 years ago and that is the only time I was ever in France previously.

Anyway, sometime ago, I bookmarked this place, Domaine de Mazieras, on my computer.  When we had received and accepted a contract on our house in the spring, it got me thinking what do you really want to do?  I had always wanted to go to France so I looked into the place I had saved way back on my computer.  It was in the country, had enough room for family & friends to come visit, had the old house character that I love, and it had a stable & horses. Perfect! Some people were already going to lease it but, as I said, I believe things work out if it is something you were meant to do and the landlords out of the blue agreed to rent it to me instead.  (I am leaving out the part where our house sale fell through and I wasn't able to afford going to France......that will be another entry!!!)

Anyway, I am here now and it is the perfect place:  4-5 bedrooms, office, huge open plan sitting room/dining room/kitchen, 2 bathrooms.....all sitting on 250 acres of beautiful rolling French countryside.  The house is fully furnished, which is very common for Europe, and it has all the appliances, dishes, etc. The landlords live on the premises and want someone who is part of the family which suits me because I find it comforting to have someone there as it is just me and my two youngest daughters, Jess, who is 12, and Blue, who is 8.  I feel secure having someone to run to if I need anything and they are very helpful and a good resource for any information I need as I settle into the French lifestyle!  How lucky I am to have happened on such an awesome place!!!

Next blog, I will continue with the "12 Things I Did To Prepare" list details........stay tuned!!!!!!

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